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RND Group is a revolutionary step of RJ industries that came into existence 25 years back. Our main emphasis is to provide economical, high quality and well-timed product and services. We are a team where each one of us has deep understanding and knowledge that will give you an edge over your competitors, thereby carving a niche for you in the market.
We believe technology is something that makes life stress-free and simple, therefore by using these technology we are trying to bring a radical change your life and the way you carry business. Collaborating right people and right technology leads toward success and smooth flow of work.
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Fiber to Home (FTTH network)

Connecting you to the forthcoming

Fiber to the home or fiber to the premises is deployment and use of fiber network from the operator’s switching equipment to residences or business houses so that the user can avail the benefit of high-speed internet. It radically increases the speed of the internet compared to other used technologies.

We have changed the lives of our clients by giving them like never before internet experience. We have provided field proven fiber to home solutionsto more than hundreds of proud clienteles.

Why we stand apart?

  • Expert service which makes our work cost-effective.
  • Our networksare future-ready.
  • Speedy deployment service.
  • Performance guaranteed.
  • Internet speed of up to 100 Mbps
  • Multiple IPTV connections.
  • VoIP based Telephone service.

For residence:

Now you won’thave to wait for your video to get buffered, stream those HD videos in few seconds, download your favorite movie in few minutes, and upload those pictures in fraction of second. We provide reliable connection that will change the way you used to use those unsatisfyinginternet connections.

For Business houses:

Never let your internet connection hamper your business continuity. Our FTTH service has business resilience that will quickly adapt to commotions and will maintain continuity of your business processes. You concentrate on your business and let our FTTH service leverage your business process.

Create backups, develop strong collaboration platform, efficiently do knowledge management with our sturdy fiber network.