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RND Group is a revolutionary step of RJ industries that came into existence 25 years back. Our main emphasis is to provide economical, high quality and well-timed product and services. We are a team where each one of us has deep understanding and knowledge that will give you an edge over your competitors, thereby carving a niche for you in the market.
We believe technology is something that makes life stress-free and simple, therefore by using these technology we are trying to bring a radical change your life and the way you carry business. Collaborating right people and right technology leads toward success and smooth flow of work.
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RND Industries

Time Office Management (TOM) – “We ring to keep you Awake”

This management system is a boon for institutes and professional setups that follows punctuality. It has automatic bell ringer with configurable time slots.

Technical Specification
  • Works on normal AC 240V supply.
  • Available and compatible with Battery back-up.
  • Multipoint output for bells

Staff Performance Evaluation And Aptitude Rating (SPEAR)

SPEAR is an application software with hardware, anautomated system for office activities and performance evaluation of your staffs, based on their punctuality. It comes with SMS facility to faculties and staff.

Technical Specification

  • Installable & Compatible with any Windows PC.
  • Hardware works on AC240V supply.

Beam Caster

Beam Caster will provide you Wireless LAN solution with more than1G speed.

Home Safety Equipment (HSE)

Home Safety Equipment are different automated household equipment and solutions that will provide security and safety to your house.