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RND Group is a revolutionary step of RJ industries that came into existence 25 years back. Our main emphasis is to provide economical, high quality and well-timed product and services. We are a team where each one of us has deep understanding and knowledge that will give you an edge over your competitors, thereby carving a niche for you in the market.
We believe technology is something that makes life stress-free and simple, therefore by using these technology we are trying to bring a radical change your life and the way you carry business. Collaborating right people and right technology leads toward success and smooth flow of work.
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IA Pandit Ji

Indian culture and philosophies are based on scientific principles and logic. No actions or set of activity or religious ceremonies are done without reason, every occasion and celebration has its spiritual as well as scientific advantage. As we are entering in digital era, everything has become instant and automated; people have nuclear families, most of them stay away from their native places, they have very little time to spend in religious work. Therefore to solve all these modern age complexity we have come up with an online portal that provides you with every minute detail and arrangement needed to conduct a religious ceremony.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the preparation for a puja all you need to do is just click and select everything as per your suitability. The Indian culture and customs are very positive and influential, in order to connect people back to their roots and culture we are offering this service at a digital platform to make it available widely.

We are an online portal where we bring you closer to your tradition and culture. We are the only website that provides you with all type of arrangement required to conduct puja, havan or some religious ceremonies at home, office, school etc. You can book a panditji for conducting the puja as per your suitability;

we make sure that the panditji that we will be providing is genuine and authorised, for this we take proper verification of all the pujaris from the
authenticated institutional bodies, so you never have to worry about the honesty. We also provide a list of items (samagri) that is needed in particular puja so that you are not cheated. The information about time taken to perform a particular puja is also available on our website. We make sure that our customers don’t have to face any sort of fraud or deception.

By appointing us you can do your puja with peace, reverence and without any stress a part from this, for corporates, educational institutes and other professional setups we provide different types of skill learning sessions like – time management, marketing strategies, life skills etc. All these session are based on the teachings of our Vedas and Religious
books like- Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Chanakya Niti and Upanishads. By organising such programme you can bring a radical change in your work environment and classes.


Our main aim is to bring our age-old culture and tradition in consolidation with technology so that the world also can take its advantage and prosper in life.


The idea behind our website is to boost our Vedic culture and Vedic science with the help of technology. We are also looking forward to connect people back to their culture and traditions from which they have become detached.