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RND Group is a revolutionary step of RJ industries that came into existence 25 years back. Our main emphasis is to provide economical, high quality and well-timed product and services. We are a team where each one of us has deep understanding and knowledge that will give you an edge over your competitors, thereby carving a niche for you in the market.
We believe technology is something that makes life stress-free and simple, therefore by using these technology we are trying to bring a radical change your life and the way you carry business. Collaborating right people and right technology leads toward success and smooth flow of work.
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RND Group

I would like to introduce you my company RND group, we are in the industry since 25 years. Our main aim is to contribute towards the digital India movement and help in developing smart cities in India which includes creating smart buildings/institutes/township/cities. Our yearlong experience and expertise in information technology domain has created a niche for us in this sector.


Earlier as RJ industries which came into existence in 1988, we use to serve our clients in industrial solution and consultancy in mechanical industry; we are spreading our business by dispersing our service towards 5E sectors with the help of technovation and information engineering. The 5E includes – engineering and technovation, energy, entertainment, e-commerce and e-infrastructure. Our sole mission is to create a digital environment in the life of our clients to make it simple and easier. We are a team of well experienced professionals who are dedicated towards their profession. We have developed varieties of products and services that will not only make your life stress-free but will also add value. Our first product is TOM – Time Office Management that helps in maintaining discipline in office, school, college and other professional institution by keeping a track record of the workforce. It has automatic bell ringer with configurable time slots. We have already conducted several successful live demo of the product at various schools and establishments in Ahmedabad in presence of respected staff. We have many other such automated products which caters the need of different sectors and setups; all these products are developed keeping in mind the viability and validity of it.


We are enclosing company’s catalogue along with the cover letter which will enlighten you about our company and the products and services. Also for your ready reference and kind consideration, kindly find enclosed quotation.