About Us

Be Informed. Be Smart. Be Sure.
RND Group is a revolutionary step of RJ industries that came into existence 25 years back. Our main emphasis is to provide economical, high quality and well-timed product and services. We are a team where each one of us has deep understanding and knowledge that will give you an edge over your competitors, thereby carving a niche for you in the market.
We believe technology is something that makes life stress-free and simple, therefore by using these technology we are trying to bring a radical change your life and the way you carry business. Collaborating right people and right technology leads toward success and smooth flow of work.
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About Us

We are the visionary step of RJ industries, since 25 years we are catering the needs of our valuable customer in the segment of manufacturing and trading of industrial products. We believe in keeping both technology and innovation hand in hand, that’s why we call it “Technovation”. The sole purpose of our existence is to create a digital and automated work space for you.


RND Infosoft provides software that makes workflow of our clients seamless and easy. RND Industries provides all kind of products that creates a smart and simple life of our clients.


We are in the industry since very long time which led to the formation of deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the industry in us.


Mission - Contributing to digital India

We are at a mission of contributing towards development of digital India and smart cities at a price that is reasonable and pocket-friendly. We are aiming to do so with our profound knowledge and capabilities that we have earned over year-long of hard work and efforts.

Vision - Develop digital environment for 5E's

As the world is moving towards digitization, creating automated system at home, business, educational institutes and offices is the need of an hour therefore our vision is to develop a digital environment for all 5E sectors which includes engineering and technovation, energy, entertainment, e-commerce and e-infrastructure with the help of technovation and satisfy our clienteles need.

Our Team


S P Sharma

(Founder Managing Director –RJ Industries & Director Finance)

Mr. S.P. Sharma, B.E in electronics andcommunication and has done masters in science from BITS, Pilani and MBA in marketing from Ahmedabad. He is working in the field of foundry and metallurgy since 45years. He founded RJ Enterprise in the year 1988 which later emerged as RJ Industries, with a vision to provide industrial solution and consultancy in mechanical industry. He has taken up the responsibility of setting up of more than fifty small and medium foundries at national and international level. He has also founded RND Group in the year 2015 to prove his mettle in the 5Es sector that we work for.

Message from MD

“Technology is meant to make life simple and smooth and if doesn’t, it is of no use. So our main focus is to deliver simple products and services in an affordable price. For us, our client’s need is vital, therefore whatever solutions and products we develop are client-centric. We believe, to flourish in any field one must deliver products and services as per client requirement.”

RS Sharma
(CEO of RND Groups )

Miss/Mrs. RS Sharma is an MBA in finance from Symbiosis (SDCL), she has also done her M.Sc. in microbiology from Gujarat University and along with post-graduation diploma in environment and sustainable development. She is working towards the sustainable andrenewable energy generation and entertainment sector.

S Sharma
(Sales Partner – Directors )

Mr. S Sharma is an engineer, the sales partner of RND Group who is trying to take the company to new heights with his creative sales technique and market insights by placing the right product at the right market. He is working to make available the innovative products of RND group to each potential customers.